Siemens USA Pioneers Sustainable and Equitable Policies

March 23, 2021

GBA member Siemens USA is creating technologies and services that stimulate innovation and growth, increase efficiency and reliability, and reduce its carbon footprint. Siemens is committed to leading the way towards the new green economy and is taking steps to become carbon neutral, broaden America’s access to EV technology and provide zero-energy buildings and infrastructure.

Pioneering Electric Transportation

Siemens has extensive electric vehicle charging capabilities and technologies to help the United States shift to electric transportation. Transitioning to 100 percent electrification of U.S. transportation will not only significantly reduce CO2 emissions and pollution, but it will also grow U.S. jobs in the manufacturing, installation and service sectors. Siemens is helping the United States become a pioneer in electrifying transportation by manufacturing EV charging equipment in  California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. The company has deployed 65,000 Charging-as-a-Service stations, making EVs more accessible.

Producing Zero-Energy Buildings & Infrastructure

Siemens is pioneering the next generation of automated building technologies. Siemens acquired two California-based start-ups in the IoT space, Comfy and Enlighted, Inc., which are working with Siemens Digital Service Center in Austin, Texas to advance these technologies. Siemens manufactures critical building products in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and designs and develops next generation life, fire and safety solutions in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Investing in Education

The company is investing in the U.S. education system to ensure that schools are operating efficiently and safely. Siemens’ workforce development activities focus on decreasing the skills gap and include a Military Talent Acquisition Program. Siemens has recruited more than 4,000 service members from all four branches of the U.S. Military, with over 60 percent working in STEM disciplines.

Global Impact

Siemens has committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 – the first global industrial company to do so. The corporation also supports the Paris Climate Agreement and aims to encourage governments and businesses to increase investments in low-carbon alternatives to help the world fight climate change.

Environmental Accolades