L’Oréal USA Announces Innovative Approach to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

March 01, 2018

Today, L’Oréal USA announced its plans to achieve carbon neutrality in 2019 for all 21 of its U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities with a financially sustainable approach that could potentially serve as a model to support new renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in the future.

In order to reach this milestone, L’Oréal USA is adding to its diversified energy portfolio with RNG purchased from a new processing facility in Kentucky. The company currently has 17 renewable energy installations across the country, including large on-site solar arrays in Arkansas, New Jersey and Kentucky as well as wind turbines in Texas. The RNG purchased from the new project alone is expected to eliminate the carbon equivalent of 1.8 million gallons of gasoline consumed per year.


Achieving carbon neutrality for all of our Operations facilities furthers our commitment to being a sustainability leader in the United States.

Frédéric Rozé, President and CEO of L’Oréal USA