New Hampshire Open Investment Policy Statement

July 01, 2017

New Hampshire Capitol

With U.S. subsidiaries of global companies employing 6.8 million Americans and competition for FDI at an all time high, it's vital that the United States remain open to global employers. To help ensure inbound companies remain confident in the U.S. economy, governors have started issuing Open Investment Policy Statements (OIPS), reaffirming that global companies are a valuable part of their state's economy. 

Governor Sununu visited biotechnology company Novo Nordisk's West Lebanon plant to issue New Hampshire's OIPS. "New Hampshire is a great state for foreign companies to invest and operate businesses in, but practically none of them know it." That is the belief of New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who made his first major trip as governor to West Lebanon on Wednesday to declare before an audience of employees at Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk that when it comes to the state’s hospitable environment for business, “we got a great message and we got to push it.” Read more.