Governor Holcomb Promotes Importance of International Companies for Indiana

November 08, 2018


INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Eric Holcomb made state history yesterday by signing Indiana’s first Open Investment Policy statement, declaring that Indiana’s economy is stronger because of its successful attraction of foreign direct investment and affirming Indiana’s commitment to ensuring the success of international companies in the state.

“I’m committed to taking Indiana to the world and bringing the world back to Indiana,” said Governor Eric Holcomb. “We’re home to over 950 international companies employing over 190,000 Hoosiers. In the last five years alone, foreign investment jobs in Indiana has grown by over 40%. We’re going to keep that going which is why I’m proud to reaffirm Indiana’s commitment to being open for international investment.”

The governor issued this proclamation alongside an event celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Indianapolis International Airport.

Nationwide, international companies produce 23 percent of U.S. exports, fund 16 percent of U.S. research and development and provide workers with 24 percent higher compensation than the economy-wide average. In the past five years, 54 percent of the new manufacturing jobs created in the United States are at international firms.   

“International companies are accelerating Indiana’s economy and hiring Hoosier State workers,” said Nancy McLernon, President and CEO of the Organization for International Investment (OFII). “Governor Holcomb’s action positions Indiana to be more competitive in the global economy.”

Governor Eric Holcomb is the tenth governor to issue an Open Investment Policy statement. View a copy of the proclamation here.