New FDI State-Level Data Show the Importance of International Companies

February 06, 2020

WASHINGTON - Today, Nancy McLernon, president and CEO of the Organization for International Investment, issued the following statement in releasing new state-by-state foreign direct investment (FDI) analysis, based on data compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA):

“These factsheets detail the significant impact that international companies have made on state economies around the country. When globally-headquartered companies make a deliberate decision to establish and expand operations in the United States – it’s a vote of confidence in America’s workforce and a good measure of our economic competitiveness. Today, 7.4 million U.S. workers are employed by international companies, earning an average of $84,000 in wages and benefits annually – 26 percent more than the private-sector average. Of particular note, international companies are driving jobs in the U.S. manufacturing sector, having created 61 percent of all new U.S. manufacturing jobs over the past five years.”


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Key findings from this year's analysis:

The above figures are based on OFII’s analysis of BEA’s Survey of Current Business, Activities of U.S. Affiliates of Foreign Multinational Enterprises in 2017, released November 2019.

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