Philips North America Named 2018 Corporate Citizen of the Year

November 30, 2018

Military Parent

WASHINGTON – The Organization for International Investment (OFII) announced Philips North America as its Corporate Social Responsibility Award winner.

“Not only do international companies like Philips provide high-quality jobs for America’s workforce, they reinvest their profits and mobilize their expertise into strengthening communities across the country,” said Nancy McLernonpresident and CEO of OFII. “From hosting educational baby showers for expectant mothers of military veterans in 37 states, to helping spouses, parents and siblings cope with the challenges of caring for their wounded loved ones in 123 cities, Philips demonstrates a profound commitment to those who sacrifice so much to protect our way of life.”

Having partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense for more than four decades, Philips looked for an opportunity to leverage its research, technology, products, philanthropic contributions, marketing capabilities and volunteer base toward serving a population that is generally underserved and often unacknowledged: military families and veterans’ caregivers. Philips took a leading role in the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s “Hidden Heroes” campaign, a growing network of cities and counties committed to better serving military veterans’ caregivers. Already, Philips has helped grow the program’s reach by 45 percent.  

“Since our first introduction to Philips over two years ago, they have proven time and time again their commitment to serving military and veteran caregivers,” said Senator Elizabeth Dole, Founder of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. “Through their investment in the Hidden Heroes Campaign and their support of the Military and Veteran Caregiver Experience Map, Philips is a model corporate citizen that truly cares about making a positive impact for America’s service members, veterans, and their families.”

Philips has also helped expand the reach of the VA’s “Educational Baby Showers” program for military families to find support at a time when they are stationed away from home and family, often serving in high-stress environments. Through this collaboration, Philips and the VA expanded the baby showers program from 10 locations to more than 60 in the past year, touching more than 3,500 military veterans’ families at VA medical centers across the country.  

“Caring for veterans and military families is one of the most complex jobs in healthcare, but when we bring together deep insights, technology and resources through public-private partnership, we can make a meaningful impact on these most deserving members of our community,” said Vitor Rocha, CEO, Philips North America. “On behalf of the more than 20,000 Philips employees in North America, we are honored to help serve those who have selflessly served their country.”

The CSR Award, which was presented last night at OFII’s annual dinner in Washington, showcases the significant contributions that international companies make to local U.S. communities. Many international companies offer their employees the opportunity to volunteer and help direct the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts. Finalists for this year’s award included several noteworthy initiatives:  

OFII applauds the ongoing efforts by these and other OFII member companies to engage with their communities through innovative programming that meets local needs. Economist Dan Ikenson, director of the Herbert Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, has researched the relationship between international companies and community connection. In a study that looks at more than a decade’s worth of data, he found that international companies in the United States increased their charitable contributions by 122 percent, or more than six times the growth rate of all corporate giving in the United States.