ABB: Creating Opportunities for Advanced Manufacturing Roles

ABB, globally headquartered in Switzerland, is investing in America’s future workforce. At its Fort Smith, Arkansas facility, ABB provides local high school students the opportunity to work in many different areas of the manufacturing sector, giving these apprentices a strong foundation for their future careers. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, most are hired for full-time positions and continue their education with ABB’s tuition reimbursement.

“These students are getting paid, and paid well for a part-time job,” said ABB Vice President of Operations Johnny McKusker. “They learn a variety of skills that most juniors and seniors in high school aren’t exposed to. And if they decide they like manufacturing and want to stay on, then we’re getting a person who joined us early, has had a lot of training and investment and is able to contribute at a high level early in their career.”

Earlier this year, ABB announced it is investing $1 million in the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (UAFS) for a post-secondary education program to create a pipeline of technical talent across western Arkansas. This initiative will include a curriculum designed by UAFS in order to help close the skills gap and create a pathway for students to strengthen their skills for jobs in advanced manufacturing, engineering, automation, design process and technology for manufacturing.

By investing in America’s future workforce and partnering with an institution like UAFS, ABB is a prime example of how international companies bring world-class know-how to the U.S.