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Explore how GBA promotes policies that boost America’s economic growth and advocates for fair, non-discriminatory treatment of international companies.

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Global Business Alliance is the premier advocacy resource for international companies in America. We level the playing field so international companies can create good-paying jobs for millions of Americans.

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Download our National FDI Data factsheet to see how international companies support local supply chains, fuel American innovation, develop training programs, and more.

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When international companies decide to invest in America, they deliver world-class workforce development programs to the U.S. See how GBA members are building America’s future workforce.

The Power of Global Investment in America.

International companies in the United States invested $5.25 trillion at the end of 2022 and employ 7.9 million Americans in well-paying jobs.

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See how international companies in America view the U.S. business climate.

High Quality Jobs by the Numbers.

1 M
7.9 million U.S. workers are employed by international companies across America
1 M
Manufacturing Workers

2.8 million U.S. workers at international companies earn their living in the manufacturing sector, 23 percent of all manufacturing jobs in the country

$ 1 K
Annual Compensation

U.S. workers at international companies make nearly $87K annually, 7 percent higher than the economy-wide average

Foreign Investment Strengthens America.

International companies create high quality jobs for U.S. workers and build stronger connections in local communities.

When America is open for business, we all benefit.

Our members support millions of jobs across the U.S. each year.