About Us

As the premier advocacy resource for international companies in the United States, the Global Business Alliance (GBA), formerly known as the Organization for International Investment (OFII), actively promotes and defends an open economy that welcomes international companies to invest in America. Our members are American companies with global heritage and an indispensable part of our nation’s economic success. When America is open for business, we all benefit.

GBA members operate within all 435 congressional districts
Average U.S. employees at a GBA member company
Percentage of GBA members in the manufacturing sector

GBA was formed in 1990, at a time when international companies faced blatant discrimination in tax and trade policy at all levels of government. From its original 15 members, GBA has grown to represent 200 major international companies with significant U.S. operations. These international companies are part of a sector that provides over seven million high-quality jobs that pay an average of seven percent higher compensation than the economy-wide average.

“When you look at GBA’s membership list, you cannot help but be impressed by the well-respected companies they represent.”

Foreign Direct Investment.

When you think about it, foreign direct investment is really not “foreign” at all.