Meet GBA’s team of energetic, dedicated professionals working to tell the story of the transformative effect that foreign direct investment can have on local communities. With diverse work experiences, everyone on the team contributes to GBA’s goal of providing excellent service to its members.

Nancy McLernon

President & CEO | GBA

Jonathan Samford

Executive Vice President | GBA

Aaron Taylor

Vice President, Tax & Trade | GBA

Alex Manning

Director, National Security & Competitiveness | GBA

Ashley Rabon

Director, Operations | GBA

Carla Battle

Director, Events & Programs | GBA

Jessica Cahill

Director, Media Relations & Communications | GBA

Matt Jackson

Director, Government Affairs | GBA

Stephanie Primbetov

Membership Engagement Manager & Executive Assistant to the President & CEO | GBA

Lara Schenke

Senior Coordinator, Events & Programs | GBA

Kayla Azoy

Senior Associate, Government Affairs | GBA

Jalen Moore

Associate, Membership | GBA

Britney Sistare

Associate, Events & Programs | GBA