Accenture – Building the Future of Talent Through Apprenticeships

Accenture, a global leader headquartered in Ireland, is making great strides in the apprenticeship movement in the United States. Recognizing the need to bridge the talent gap, Accenture established an apprenticeship program in 2016 and now has over 2,000 apprentices across 40 cities in the United States. Accenture aims to have apprentices represent 20 percent of its entry-level hiring.

“At Accenture, apprenticeships are part of our core talent strategy,” said Julie Sweet, Chair and Chief Executive Officer at Accenture North America. “To succeed in the next century, every company must access great talent. They have to become talent creators, not just talent consumers, and they must be able to unlock the potential of that talent. Apprenticeship programs do all three.”

Accenture’s commitment to inclusivity is evident as it aims to create new skilling pathways for a more inclusive workforce and innovation economy. As a leader in the apprenticeship movement, Accenture has developed the Apprenticeship Program Resource Guide to engage other companies in ways to use apprenticeships to redefine the future of talent and create a more inclusive workforce and innovation economy. Inclusivity is a key goal of Accenture’s apprenticeship efforts – the company is committed to creating new skilling pathways to sustainable careers for an inclusive future of work.