CEO Leadership Council

The Global Business Alliance (GBA) is the premier advocacy resource for international companies in America. With over three decades’ worth of expertise in helping international companies navigate the U.S. political and policy landscape, GBA launched the CEO Leadership Council in 2022 to raise our collective voice.

CEOs of U.S. subsidiaries possess unique perspective and crucial awareness of the extraordinary challenges facing our nation. Yet, policymakers often overlook this sector of the U.S. business community as they grapple to meet the moment. The CEO Leadership Council seeks to reverse this trend.


  • Drive Extraordinary Outcomes | Representing GBA’s full membership, the CEO Leadership Council meets with senior policymakers to address the most pressing issues facing America’s economic competitiveness.
  • Build Your D.C. Presence | The CEO Leadership Council is designed for discerning C-suite executives interested in a dynamic opportunity to strengthen their D.C. presence through exclusive engagements with a unique set of peers and some of the most senior officials in Washington, D.C.
  • Catch Up to Your Competitors | Being impactful requires a seat at the table where critical issues are discussed. Yet, a study by a well-known public affairs association found that U.S. executives of internationally headquartered companies were much less engaged in government relations activities than those from U.S. headquartered firms. The GBA CEO Leadership Council ensures the voice of international companies is heard.


The CEO Leadership Council is limited to 15 executives and meets twice a year in Washington, D.C. This vanguard of global company executives will connect with their peers over dinner in addition to joining them for a series of meetings with the highest levels of the U.S. government.

In addition to offering senior government officials rich insight on America’s economy, workforce and local community engagement, the CEO Leadership Council will identify top operational and policy matters that could have the greatest impact on attracting new investment and jobs.

Membership in the Council is reconstituted annually.

Spring Session | Wednesday, June 12 – Thursday, June 13 

Fall Session | Wednesday, December 4


An annual assessment of $5,000 will help GBA defray the costs of providing this best-in-class experience. In addition, each GBA member represented on the Council is expected to sponsor a diamond table at the Annual Dinner in December.