GBA Releases Latest Inbound Investment Survey: Inflation and U.S. Tax Policy Top List of Concerns for U.S. Business Climate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Global Business Alliance (GBA) has released the findings of its latest Inbound Investment Survey today. This survey reflects the perspectives of senior executives at international companies operating in the United States. It reveals that international companies operating in the United States have optimism in hiring prospects but hold concerns over the U.S. business climate for international companies.

Two-thirds of GBA members believe the U.S. business climate for international companies is “staying the same” when compared to six months ago. Only five percent believe it is “getting better.”

When asked to compare the U.S. business climate for foreign-headquartered companies today to the two years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, executives were mostly negative. Nearly half (45 percent) described the U.S. business climate as being “worse” today than it was before the pandemic, while 37 percent said it remains “the same” as before.

GBA members’ expectations for increasing employment over the next six months were positive, however, with two in five (41%) of respondents saying they plan to add jobs in the near term.

“This survey shows international companies are strengthening and expanding the U.S. economy and workforce by creating high-quality, great-paying jobs despite continued misgivings about our nation’s business climate overall,” said Nancy McLernon, president & CEO of GBA. “International companies are integral to the U.S. economy. Inflationary pressure is a chief concern, but so are recent tax policy proposals and restrictive government procurement policies. A deeper understanding and collaboration between international companies and U.S. policymakers at all levels is essential.”

When asked to rate the impact that certain economic and policy factors would have on their U.S. operations over the next year, GBA members identified significant investment in U.S. infrastructure as being the most beneficial. Meanwhile, “continued inflationary pressure” is the largest negative factor likely to impact international companies in the U.S. over the next 12 months, followed by the U.S. tax policy environment and Buy America(n) policies.

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