GBA ‘Stands Proudly’ With Those Who Reaffirm the ‘Principles of Our Republic’

WASHINGTON – Nancy McLernon, president and CEO of the Global Business Alliance, issued the following statement today in commemorating the inauguration of President Joe Biden:

“Against the magnificent backdrop of the U.S. Capitol, America welcomed our next president in a peaceful transition of power. This historic moment was particularly poignant given the inconceivable images from just two weeks ago of a riotous mob making that site their battleground against the democratic process. The Global Business Alliance stands proudly with those from both parties and all branches of government who today resolutely demonstrated the principles of our republic – reaffirming that America is a land ruled by law. We are optimistic that today’s events will be the foundation upon which our elected leaders elevate our national political discourse and build consensus for addressing America’s economic and social challenges. On behalf of international companies, we commend President Biden, Vice President Harris and the Members of the117th Congress on their service to our nation, and we look forward to working with them in that endeavor.”

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