GBA Supports a Robust CFIUS Process for a Secure and Thriving US Economy

In an age of globalization and rapid technological advances, maintaining U.S. national security while fostering international collaboration is a delicate balancing act. Enter the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), an inter-agency body that stands at the nexus of U.S. national security and American economic progress. With the support of international companies represented by the Global Business Alliance (GBA), CFIUS plays a vital role in upholding America’s interests while facilitating international investment.

A Brief History of CFIUS

Established by President Gerald Ford in 1975, CFIUS was created to monitor the impact of foreign investment on America’s national security. Over the years, its mandate has expanded to include reviewing and approving foreign acquisitions, mergers, and investments that could potentially compromise national security.

The Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) of 2018 marked a turning point for CFIUS. The legislation expanded the Committee’s jurisdiction and strengthened its ability to protect critical technologies, infrastructure, and sensitive personal data from potential threats.

The Importance of CFIUS

In a globalized economy, foreign investment is a crucial component of economic growth and job creation. However, it also carries the risk of exposing sensitive information, technology, and infrastructure to potential adversaries. CFIUS navigates this complex landscape by:

  1. Preserving National Security: By scrutinizing transactions for potential national security implications, CFIUS ensures that America’s critical assets are protected from exploitation or sabotage.
  2. Maintaining Economic Competitiveness: CFIUS allows the United States to benefit from international investment while minimizing security risks. This creates a level playing field for domestic and foreign companies, fostering innovation and economic growth.
  3. Promoting Transparency and Trust: A robust CFIUS process signals to international investors that the United States is committed to protecting its national security without stifling cross-border investment. This trust-building mechanism is crucial for maintaining a healthy investment climate.

The Global Business Alliance’s Support for CFIUS

As a coalition of international companies – all of which are globally headquartered in countries that are long-time friends and allies of the United States – the Global Business Alliance recognizes the significance of CFIUS in safeguarding national security. GBA supports a strong CFIUS process that:

  1. Focuses on Genuine National Security Threats: The GBA advocates for a process that zeroes in on transactions with legitimate national security concerns while allowing benign investments to proceed unhindered.
  2. Emphasizes Due Process: GBA encourages a fair and transparent CFIUS process that offers clear guidelines, time frames, and communication channels for investors.
  3. Encourages International Collaboration: Recognizing the interconnected nature of today’s economy, GBA supports a CFIUS process that fosters cooperation with international partners to address shared security challenges.

CFIUS is a critical instrument in safeguarding America’s national security without stifling the global economic growth that benefits all parties. The Global Business Alliance’s support for a robust, security-focused CFIUS process is a testament to the importance of striking the right balance between national security and international collaboration