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Discover How GBA Members Create Sustainable Solutions.

GBA members are utilizing their expertise, resources dedicated employees to fight the climate crisis by creating sustainable solutions…

GBA Members Are Leaders in Sustainability

Global businesses are out-performing the average U.S. private-sector company on corporate social responsibility and environmental initiatives, providing positive contributions to the […]


States with the Highest Concentration of FDI Jobs

These six states exceed the national average in terms of FDI jobs as a share of total private-sector employment, according […]


Ahold Delhaize USA Opens a Food Processing Facility in Rhode Island

Ahold Delhaize USA service provider, Retail Business Services, opens a new fresh food processing facility in North Kingston, Rhode Island to provide fresh produce to the community.


Boehringer Ingelheim Finishes $76 Million Facility Expansion

Boehringer has invested $76 million to expand its facility in Athens, Georgia. The facility allows the company to double its production rates, as well as employ over 400 new workers.


France-Based Energy Company ENGIE Signs Five-Year Renewable Energy Contract With NJ School

ENGIE is supplying a New Jersey school with renewable energy from wind farms and solar panels, which will reduce the schools energy costs and provide it with LEED certification points.


France-Based Pernod Ricard Set to Acquire Fort Worth-Based Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company

Pernod Ricard is finalizing an acquisition agreement with craft whiskey and bourbon distiller Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company.