MediaTek: Empowering Tomorrow's Tech Leaders

In a partnership with Purdue University, MediaTek, globally headquartered in Taiwan, is revolutionizing tech education in the U.S. Through the Summer Training, Awareness, and Readiness for Semiconductors (STARS) Program, MediaTek is bridging the gap between theory and practice, setting the stage for a new era in semiconductor design.

With a commitment to nurturing engineering talent to encourage interest in semiconductor design careers, MediaTek strategically places its nine U.S. offices around top research universities. This strategic positioning allows the company to tap into the pool of emerging talent and invest in the future of the tech industry.

As a launch partner for Purdue University’s STARS program, MediaTek is actively shaping the trajectory of undergraduate education in the semiconductor industry. The program, designed for hands-on experience, equips students with real-world skills, providing a unique edge in their academic journey.

In the first year of the initiative, MediaTek has successfully recruited 72 students, carefully chosen for their potential and enthusiasm. As the company aims to expand the program, funds are sought to enable over 100 students to benefit from this transformative opportunity.

MediaTek’s collaboration with Purdue is more than a temporary alliance; it signifies an ongoing commitment to fostering knowledge exchange between academia and industry. By investing in the education of future tech leaders, MediaTek is laying the groundwork for a future where innovation knows no bounds.

As MediaTek spearheads the evolution of tech education, the partnership with Purdue University is a beacon of progress in semiconductor design. The STARS program is not just shaping careers; it’s empowering students to be pioneers in a field crucial to the technological advancements of tomorrow. With MediaTek leading the way, the future of tech education is destined to shine brighter than ever.

“We believe strongly that being in Indiana means we’ll have access to some of the best engineering talent in the world,” said Dr. Kou-Hung Lawrence Loh, Corporate Senior Vice President of MediaTek Inc. and President of MediaTek USA, Inc. “Not just at Purdue, but West Lafayette is only four hours away from nearly a dozen of the top engineering schools in the country. In the post pandemic world, top candidates tell us they want to be closer to home, near family and they want to have a real house and great schools. Indiana offers all that and more.”