How to Engage with GBA

The Global Business Alliance (GBA) has three standing committees largely divided by executive function. Within each, working groups help formulate positions and tactics on specific issues or advocacy campaigns as they arise.

To ensure you are engaged on issues of importance to your company, we would be pleased to include you on any of our various distributions. Please contact Sydni Gibbs if you have any questions or would like to be added to any of the distributions outlined below.


Government Affairs

The focus of our Government Affairs distribution is to address public policy issues uniquely impacting international companies, including trade, cross-border M&A, government procurement, tax and rules regarding political participation.

Federal Government Affairs Committee

Covers all major Federal policy issues relevant for GBA Members, the latest action from Capitol Hill, and updates on all important developments from Washington

Trade Policy Series

Monthly intel and updates on all matters of trade policy, including pending legislation, tariffs, free trade agreements, federal procurement, and supply chain issues; featuring trade policy experts from Akin Gump and EY

American Supply Chain Working Group

Shaping advocacy strategy in regard to both executive and legislative policy on supply chain localization and government procurement requirements

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)/Export Controls Working Group

CFIUS and export controls, including the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) and the Export Control Reform Act (ECRA)

Campaign Finance/Lobbying Disclosure Working Group

Participation in the political process focused on unique issues for international companies and their U.S. employees

Global Investment in American Jobs Congressional Caucus Working Group

The GBA Caucus Working Group is designed to help identify and grow relationships with FDI champions in the U.S. House of Representatives



Federal Tax Committee

Covers tax policy issues relevant to inbound companies including opportunities to weigh in on GBA’s advocacy work on the hill and with the administration and, further, provides updates and technical insight on new regulatory and legislative tax policy

Tax Policy Series

Monthly intel and updates on all tax policy matters relevant to the inbound community including regulatory developments, legislation and international tax issues at the OECD and the UN; featuring tax policy experts from Holland and Knight, Baker McKenzie and Washington Council EY

BEAT Working Group

Meets periodically to develop GBA's policy positions within potential BEAT reform and participate in Hill and administration advocacy on the topic

IRS CAP Program Working Group

Advocating to maintain inbound company access to the IRS Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) Program

OECD/Digital Services Taxes Working Group

Unilateral efforts to tax digital services, potential U.S. retaliation, and the OECD's work toward a multilateral solution

Section 163(j) Working Group

Regulatory matters under the business interest expense deduction limitation, with a focus on drafting technical comments to Treasury proposals 

Section 385 Working Group

Advocate for full withdrawal of debt/equity regulations (Section 385) imposed on international companies in late 2016



The focus of our State distribution is to address public policy issues uniquely impacting international companies at the state level.

State Policy Insights Committee

Receive emails on key state actions, tax & investment policy priorities, and upcoming state engagement opportunities

State Tax Advocacy Taskforce (STAT) Working Group

Open to tax and government affairs participants. Meets every two weeks from January through May and monthly July through November

Water's Edge Working Group

Meetings will be called as needed regarding state strategy regarding combined reporting and other treaty-protected income issues and tax haven blacklist proposals 

Procurement/Buy American Working Group

Meets periodically to shape advocacy strategy on broad procurement policies aimed at U.S. manufacturing requirements or other "Buy American" requirements when it relates to state purchases 

Campaign Finance Working Group

Meets as needed to discuss issues related to campaign and foreing influence including legislation impacting ballot or issue referenda funding 

Political Engagement Working Group

Meets periodically to discuss participation in the political process, focused on unique issues for international companies and their U.S. employees

Procurement & Forced Localization Working Group

Meets periodically to shape advocacy strategy in regard to both executive and legislative policy on supply chain localization and “Buy American” government procurement requirements


Executive Fora

In addition to the regular meetings and events conducted by the working groups and standing committees, we host several programs for member company executives:

Inbound Tax Policy Council (ITPC) - Heads of U.S. Tax

Reconstituted at the beginning of each year and is limited to 30 executives. Meets twice a year to identify tax policy priorities and develop strategies for proactive engagement

CEO Leadership Council

Meets twice per year in Washington, D.C. to raise the collective voice of international companies. Participating executives collaborate to identify top operational and policy matters having the greatest impact on attracting new investment and jobs to share with lawmakers at the highest levels of the U.S. government

Political Affairs Committee – Head of DC Office

The focus of the Political Affairs Committee is to increase the organization’s political engagement, as well as assist member companies in their individual efforts to do the same

U.S. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Meets twice per year to discuss unique business and financial issues for international companies


Weekly Summary Memos

Weekly summary memos are sent to all distribution lists.

In Case You Missed It

Provides a summary and links to all the memos from the week every Friday


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