States Leading America’s FDI Manufacturing Workforce

Between 2016 and 2021, U.S. affiliates were responsible for creating more than a quarter-million new manufacturing jobs in the United States, compared to overall U.S. manufacturing jobs, which remained flat during the same time. Global connections are key to America’s competitiveness in this sector, helping to diversify America’s economy and make it more resilient to downturns. Nationwide, 35.4 percent of FDI-supported jobs are in the manufacturing sector, with 25 states exceeding this average.

These five states are leading America’s foreign direct investment (FDI) manufacturing workforce:

  1. Michigan boasts the highest amount of manufacturing jobs as a percentage of total FDI jobs at 64.2 percent. Samsung SDI recently invested $41 million in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The expansion of two facilities will help Samsung meet consumer demand for lithium-ion batteries. This investment will help create over 350 jobs. 
  2. Kentucky ranks second in the nation, with 61.6 percent of all FDI jobs created falling in the manufacturing sector. Safran Landing Systems recently invested $65 million in Boone County, which will help meet manufacturing demand from the U.S. military and commercial customers. The project will create 92 jobs.
  3. Wisconsin’s FDI manufacturing employment makes up 57.5 percent of all jobs created by international companies in the state. CNH Industrial is investing $69 million to convert a former J.I. Case factory in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, into a new test facility. The facility will test farm tractors, autonomous vehicles, electrified power trains and alternative fuel equipment.
  4. Iowa comes in fourth with 56.8 percent of all the state’s FDI jobs being in the manufacturing sector. Valent BioSciences recently announced a major expansion to its Osage facility, which is expected to be completed in 2024.
  5. Indiana holds the fifth-highest amount of manufacturing jobs as a percentage of total FDI jobs at 55.1 percent. For example, Heidelberg Materials has picked up construction on its Mitchell, Indiana, cement plant. The facility is expected to open in 2023 and increase employment by 180 workers. The facility is a $600 million investment.