Tokyo Electron: Transforming America's STEM Workforce

Tokyo Electron (TEL), globally headquartered in Japan, is revolutionizing the American workforce, strategically partnering with policymakers and institutions to bolster STEM education and meet the demand for skilled professionals in the semiconductor industry.

TEL’s Key Workforce Development Initiatives:

  1. State-Level Partnerships: TEL’s collaborations at the state level are securing increased funds for STEM training programs, aligning education with industry needs.

  2. STARS Program with Austin Community College: TEL’s partnership with Austin Community College has given rise to the STARS program, training technicians in STEM for direct entry into the semiconductor sector.

  3. UPWARDS Program: In collaboration with Micron, TEL’s UPWARDS program aims to train 5,000 students annually, contributing to workforce development on both sides of the Pacific.

  4. Skillbridge Internship Success: TEL’s participation in the VET S.T.E.P. internship program, a Department of Defense approved Skillbridge training program, boasts a 50 percent hire rate, serving as a valuable talent pipeline for the company..

  5. Building Bridges with Community Colleges: TEL’s strong relationships with local Minnesota community colleges have successfully converted interns into full-time employees, showcasing the company’s commitment to talent development.

TEL’s dynamic initiatives are not just meeting workforce demands but actively shaping the future of the semiconductor industry in the United States. Through strategic partnerships, cutting edge programs and successful internship initiatives, TEL is paving the way for a skilled and innovative workforce that will drive the industry forward.