Zurich North America: Where Education Meets Opportunity

Zurich North America, internationally headquartered in Switzerland, is emblematic of how international companies help close the U.S. skills gap and expand America’s workforce. The Zurich Apprenticeship Program, a two-year program to earn an associate or a bachelor’s degree, was the first insurance apprenticeship program to register with the U.S. Department of Labor. Through this program, apprentices earn full-time salaries and benefits and are guaranteed a job after completion.

“Apprenticeship is one of the best ways to bring in diversity and give people careers that actually last,” said Kristof Terryn, Zurich North America CEO. “When I look at our retention of apprentices, they are making really good careers here.”

As proof of Zurich North America’s success in creating new career pathways for future American workers, First Lady Jill Biden joined Zurich North America’s CEO Kristof Terryn in Chicago for an event to kick off the 2022 National Apprenticeship Week.

The Zurich Apprenticeship program is a testament to how international companies are bringing world-class programs to the U.S. that are building our future Americans and promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce.