Fueling American Innovation.

When an international company chooses to build operations in the United States, they bring with them a promise to reinvest their U.S. profits back into the American economy. Many of these companies reinvest their U.S. profits through research and development (R&D) activities that support high-paying jobs, spur the discovery of new products and processes, and contribute to U.S. economic growth.

Our Impact.

$ 1 B
R&D Spending
International employers spend more than $71 billion on U.S. R&D activities, representing 13 percent of all R&D performed by U.S. companies.
1 K
R&D Jobs

International companies support approximately 245,300 American R&D jobs.


Ten States Leading America’s FDI Manufacturing Workforce

In the past five years, international companies created nearly 400,000 manufacturing jobs while the U.S. overall sadly lost 223,000. Global connections are key to America’s competitiveness in this sector, helping to diversify America’s economy and make it more resilient to downturns. Nationwide, 35.9 percent of FDI-supported jobs are in the manufacturing sector, with 25 states exceeding this average.

Foreign Direct Investment.

When you think about it, foreign direct investment is really not “foreign” at all.