New York

International companies in New York employ 519,800 U.S. workers. Approximately 91,500 of those jobs are in the manufacturing sector. With 1,717 international companies in the Empire State, global investment grows New York's economy. Discover how global investment is growing New York's economy and providing high-quality jobs in local communities.

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Globally Connected

519,800 Workers

in New York are employed as a result of global investment - an increase of 24.7 percent since 2013.

91,500 Mfg Workers

in New York - 17.6 percent of all FDI jobs in the state - are in the manufacturing sector.

United Kingdom, Canada, and France

support the largest number of jobs in New York among all international employers.

1,717 Global Employers

have operations in New York.

From 2013 to 2018, New York's FDI employment
While the state's overall private-sector employment